Embark on Your Change Journey for Professional and Personal Fulfillment

When you are thinking of effecting a major professional change, the first thing that crosses your mind is the scope and magnitude, the very next thing that occurs is the need for a road-map. As it is, change is disruptive in  itself and more so, big change is highly disruptive in nature.

Preparation and Planning

Preparation and PlanningWell, can you prepare for a journey that you have not yet fully planned so far. Well you may only be able to prepare in part – if not fully. As preparation and planning happen to be highly intertwined, it is advised that one starts with specific elements of rigorous preparation, that precedes planning and renders the later highly effective.

Big Change Comprises of Small Changes

To go about preparing and planning in the right earnestness, certain things need to be taken care of. We need to take a thorough inventory of our anchors, the changes — as a big change comprises of many small changes. Add to this the most important inventory of resources, of the things you have and all the things you would be needing on your forward journey.

Manage Disruption

Establishing your milestones is very important. No matter how harsh the impending change may appear to be looming on the horizon, there are various ways and means to manage disruption to the best degree and extent possible.

Stability and Direction

Self DirectionNow what is an anchor, well anything that helps you to smoothly negotiate change by providing stability as well as well as direction. It could range from the individual’s moral compass to organizational values.

Be Attentive and Aware

A big change comprises of hundreds of smaller changes, planning a successful job change requires you to be attentive and aware of what those small changes are. Now that you have decent grasp of the changes that are required to be made, you do have a deeper understanding and insight into numerous resources that are required to effect those changes.

Credible Anchor

Credible AnchorAnchor can range from money, to reputation, to title, even family, friends and community. Many people find their anchors in various religions and spiritual practices as well, others find it in their material possessions. For some an organization’s generous compensation structure acts as a credible anchor. No matter what, your anchors, the very moment you happen to approach a major career change, you would invariably need to let go some of the anchors completely and drastically and a change in relationship with others would be in the offing.

Turbulent Times

Down the road, your commitment to certain things would witness major change, while you move in a given direction, and as such you need to have unwavering anchors, could be friends, family or colleagues whom you can count upon to hold you real steady during turbulent times.

Compelling Picture

Establishing your milestones is quite important. One needs to put the desired things in place first and only then would the desired outcomes be possible. By now you have come up with your successful change story, that comprises of a clear and compelling picture of the destination and the wherewithal of reaching there.

Final Words

With anchors by your side that ground as well as orient you, being well aware of the changes needed to be made for completing the desired journey, along with resources and resource gaps, the milestones in place. All you need to do now is to weave in adequate preparation to realize your dreams.


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