Ditch These Bad Habits Before They Sabotage Your Successful Future

One fine day you suddenly wake up with a start, and the realization dawns, how did I get to place I am at the moment. Well it is pretty easy to drift in life.

Universal Law

Without you ever realizing it, the fact is your habits determine your future. It is nothing less than a universal law and you cannot avoid it at any cost. You will find that it acts as strongly as gravity in your life. To put it succinctly, you will find the sum of your present life to be deftly wrapped in the choices you happen to make in your past.

Creatures of Habit

Creatures of HabitAs it stands, most of us know it to be true, we keep on living with our lives with utter disregards to this, the reality does not cease to exist though. There are indeed powerful reasons that cause personal habits to determine your future. Maybe you will find a few of these connecting with you and in turn encourage you to pay the requisite attention to these essential habits. We are essentially creatures of habit.

Carefully Scrutinise Your Day

Our entire life is governed by them. If we pay attention to expert views, almost 90 percent of our day to behaviour is but a manifestation of the habits we form overtime. If you carefully scrutinise your day you would find you have habits for sleeping and waking up, the morning routine to be precise as also your daily commute.

Weed Out Bad Habits

Bad HabitsThe way you make utility payments and also what you do the most with your free time. The sooner we accept the fact that we are creatures of habit, we can begin the process of identifying and weeding out those habits that are not aligned with our goals.

Law of Sowing and Reaping

As things stand you are but a sum total of your past practices, your future essentially is a projection of your past habits, it just not possible for you to escape the law of sowing and reaping. Whatever choices you made in the past determine your present state. If you find yourself in a quandary admit the same, take the responsibility no matter how painful it is. Because the sooner you start accepting responsibility for your life the faster things can begin to change for the better.

Realign Your Actions

It is a given that your intention in life mean nothing. The actual direction which you take is what determines your future. One must pay attention to the fact that you will end up where you put your focus. Draft a robust plan that helps you to realign your actions, thoughts and behaviour, as well as habits to meet the life goals. Finding out about your habits and where they take you is an important determinant as it portends the future shape of things.

Odds of Success

Odds of SuccessIt is a simple law that takes into effect the universal cause & effect relation, good habits are going to help you build success, bad habits would take you astray from the chosen path. Keeping the bad habits intact makes it all the more unlikely for you to reach your chosen destination. Make it a point to ditch your bad habits today and watch your odds of success improve manifold.

A Vision Pulls You Into the Future

You must never fail to hold a vision, as a vision pulls you into the future and does not relapse you in the past. Never have unclear goals, do have certain goals which are dreams replete with an action plan.

Final Words

Leave inaction and ditch the habit of procrastination. Stop feeding the monkey mind once and for all. Never have satisfaction with the status quo. Stay away from lack of motivation, the best motivation comes from within yourself. Building positive habits would predispose you to attain the success you seek.


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