Likeability Skills are Crucial for Personal and Professional Success

No matter what position in the hierarchy you happen to be in, endearing yourself to others is indeed a remarkable trait for anyone, especially for a working professional who happens to function in a team environment.

Preparation and PlanningA Natural Trait

More so when you occupy a leadership position, again it is a mistaken belief that being like-able is something of a natural trait, only a lucky few possess. The truth is, being like-able is very much under your control, in fact it is a matter of developing emotional intelligence.

Innate Characteristics

When you ask people to describe the best and the worst personalities they have worked with and why, the responses can be counter-intuitive, people seem to grossly ignore innate characteristics, whether it is intelligence, attractiveness and extra-version, however people focus on qualities that are completely under any individual’s control such as humility, positivity and approachability.

Flexible Skill

Such people come across as highly like-able, they outperform others lacking in these skills. Unlike IQ or intelligence quotient, EQ or emotional quotient is a relatively flexible skill that surely can be improved upon with some amount of effort.

Skilled Practitionerspersonal satisfaction

It is best to learn the tricks from skilled practitioners. Such persons are adept at forming personal connections. For instance even when they are addressing a group of people in a crowded room, they go out of their way in making people feel as if they are having a one on one conversation, as if there are only two persons in the room who actually matter.

Flesh and Blood

For the moment they are the only ones, like-able people communicate on a very personal and emotional level. They never ever forget that the person standing in front of them is a human being in flesh and blood.

Sincerely Believe

They are quite approachable, such people truly believe that each and every person regardless of their ability or rank is worth their time as well as attention; they ensure everyone feels significant and valuable, because they sincerely believe everyone is truly valuable.

Serve Better

Pinnacle of GloryThere are very few things that kill like-ability instantly, as arrogance does. Like-able people never act better than the other person, as they never think they are better than the next person. When they assume a leadership position, they view it merely as an additional accountability, that only helps them serve better.

Sound Positive and Hopeful

Like-able people are humble to the core and always maintain a positive outlook, regardless of what is going on at the moment. Even in the most negative of situations, they sound positive and hopeful about the future, by emanating assured vibes well as enthusiastic hope, that instills unwavering confidence in the fact that, they can help create a better tomorrow.

Mental Equilibrium

They are able to take things in their stride as they are even keeled. They savor success without letting it affect their mental equilibrium, they do not let it get into their heads. They are quick to acknowledge failure without getting mired into it.

Final Words

They make it a point to learn from their successes and failures as well and move on with their lives. They are unfailingly generous with their knowledge and resources and hold nothing back for they do not have the haunting fear at the back of their mind that someone will outshine them. They believe that your success is their success.


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