Resilience – The Common Thread That Runs Through Successful People

Have you ever taken the time to think about the people you happen to know, who are phenomenally successful in their personal as well as professional lives. Do you feel they came into this world, predestined to be successful.

Pragmatic Approach

Company Culture Building 2How come, they are able to reach seemingly unfeasible goals. Is it just fate or something radically different. Well a pragmatic approach needs to be taken here. Fact is, a common thread runs through each one of us, all we need to do is recognize the same, and take the time to learn how to develop and use it to our advantage.

Different Folks, Different Strokes

Different folks, different strokes, some call it grit, others call it moxie, still others refer to it by the name of hustle, army folks have a queer term for it, intestinal fortitude. In a nutshell it is the special ability that is required to overcome any sort of adversity, learn from the same, push ahead and soar to still greater heights.

Separate the Grain from the Chaff

This exactly is what separates the grain from the chaff, the successful from scores of defeated souls. No one, mark these words nobody is handed victory on a platter. If you look at the most successful people in this world, you will find that none of them become successful overnight.

Interview QuestionBlood, Sweat and Tears

They have a long story of blood, sweat and tears behind them. their grit, determination and persistence saw them through. Some of the phenomenally successful people, in the world today are the ones who have failed spectacularly.

Cult Following

For instance the cult Harry Potter author JK Rowling was rejected by almost a dozen publishers, and all she got was peanuts, when she sold her first book. Many musicians are unable to sign even a single record label when they start out.

Dizzy Heights

The great thing about these people, is that they are able to embrace failures, they are able to revv up their resilience, which is the operative word here, and only then they are able to propel their way to what you witness today, their supremely envious level of success, where they have reached dizzy heights.

Know a Thing or Two

Businessman do not know where to goYou may not be an world famous personality, but you surely do know a thing or two, on how to go about developing resilience or bounce back-ability. The amazing thing about reliance is that you can develop more of it than you thought you were ever capable of.

Transcend the Limits

If you pay close attention to certain things, they would help you vastly improve the odds of developing resilience in your personal as well as professional life. Start by overcoming your limits, as it is, limits have always been there, they would always remain, transcend the limits, for if you do not, you would never come to know, what you are capable of in reality, and what you would be able to accomplish, up until such time that you are able to push yourself harder and further than you ever thought was possible.

Failure is a Learning Opportunity

A Learning LeaderTake setbacks in your stride, it really helps to view each and every failure as a golden opportunity to learn. At the same time it helps to know, why you are doing something that you are doing at the moment, as resilience will go only this far, it is your unflinching belief in the very purpose for which you are harnessing and applying resilience, be it the mission of starting your own business, or going quite resolutely about finding your dream job or that big promotion you have been eyeing all the while.

Final Words

You really must know why you are doing something, you got to believe in your mission. The discomforts and failures on the way would test your limits. The only way forward is to embrace them wholeheartedly and resilience would come to you naturally, without exceptions.


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