Do You Consider Yourself a Hard Working and Successful Professional?

What is the professional culture you find yourself working in at the moment, is it in consonance with international working norms. How many hours do you clock each week, is that constant or varies on an ongoing basis.

Professional Life

Professional-LifeHave you ever paused to ask yourself how is stress impacting your professional as well as personal life, if the impact is negative, to what extent. Do you avail all your paid holidays each year, or just half of them or even less.

Work Ethic

What is your opinion about taking pride in work ethic. Oftentimes when people consider themselves hard working they are under a lot of duress caused by an ever increasing workload. So many questions with no satisfactory answers.

Nuggets of Wisdom

Nuggets of WisdomThe time is right to delve into nuggets of wisdom doled out by workplace psychologists and career experts with regards to managing motivation levels as well as productivity habits. Do you consider yourself to be the hardest working person or are obsessed with work all the time.


Plausible Answers

In order to know the plausible answers you need to ask probing questions that actively challenge you and lead you to understand your habits. Just think over it, if you possibly could do less work and spend more time relaxing, you should be already doing that by now.

Smart Work

Smart-WorkConsider if you are defining productivity in the right manner, and whether you are working hard or smart, are you possibly spending your time the way you deem fit. Can you go ahead and intentionally unplug from work as and when you wish to do so.

Get Into the Zone

Let us look at things objectively, when you are working 9 to 5 each day, you get into the zone, get things done and feel genuinely good about the same, falling into a rhythm is quite nice, but have you ever really tried to find out why you are doing this.

Idea of Productivity

Do you carry an overarching idea of productivity, and lastly are you working way too much. In the event you answered all or most of the questions affirmatively, it is quite possible that you are putting a whole lot of things at stake.

Quality Time

Quality TimeThe quality time you spend with people you care about, your own personal health and happiness and of course all the adventures that life outside the office has in store for you. Just ensure that your passion for work is not causing damage to people whose lives revolve around you.

Step Back and Evaluate

It is time to step back and evaluate. How can you possibly find out whether you are going overboard with your work, can you recognize the signs of a burnout, the best bet is to slow down and listen perceptibly to what other parts that make you up are doing.

Motivated Employee

motivated employeeTo be a motivated employee is really great, but there’s much more to you. You need to retrace your steps every now and then in order to be able to move forward. Take a look at the way you are working.

Running on a Treadmill

Do take the thinking time, if you are unable to do so you would find yourself running on a treadmill, not at your pace, but on someone else’s pace and no wonder success and contentment would elude you.

Final Words

It is really important to move forward on your own terms. As it is, you have to be competitive in this overworked society, without your effort backfiring on you. An, unhappy, stressed and burnt out employee is not going to be of help for anyone let alone the boss. Never work against yourself, always work for yourself and you would do great service to all concerned.


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