How Do You Become More Creative on the Job?

Do you view creativity with suspicion, a necessary evil or something that can go a long way in helping you in your career in particular and your life in general? First of all we need to acquaint ourselves with the basic premise of creativity, at its very basic, it is the tendency to go ahead and be able to generate and recognize ideas, consider alternatives and the possibilities.

Complex Stimulation

Complex StimulationThis finds implications in solving intricate problems, communicate with others, and entertain yourself as well as others. Now what exactly motivates people to be creative, well there is a pressing need for varied, novel and complex stimulation? Communicating ideas and values, and of course solving prosaic as well as compound problems.

Be More Creative

More CreativeNow what do you need to do in order to be more creative, well to begin with you need to view things from different perspectives, in new ways, in a new light. You need to be able to generate newer alternatives and possibilities, and these alternatives must be unique.

The Latent Powers

The hallmark of creativity is ushering in palpable and perceptible change and that is brought about by harnessing the latent powers of fundamental processes like tolerance, ambiguity, unpredictability, and incorporating the joys of things hitherto unknown in your thinking patterns, just old, commonplace, routine and run of the mill thinking would not bring in the desired results, in that case you would have to be content with the status quo and placate yourself with piecemeal achievements, you would not be able to set your hands on something concrete and of significance.

Employee’s Creativity

Intuition and CreativityOlder ways of thinking, would never give you novel products of significant value. Come to think of it, an airplane was a creative invention of Oliver and Wilbur Wright who dared to think differently. The painter Picasso was creative, taking a leaf from the creativity of these legendary personalities, organizations can go ahead and foster employee’s creativity.

Creative Bent of Mind

How do you go about spotting people with a creative bent of mind, well these people usually express unusual thoughts, which happen to be stimulating as well as quite interesting, these people appear to be unusually bright and happen to experience the world in original and novel ways.

A Great Deal of Energy

Great Deal of EnergyWe can pick up salient traits and imbibe their mode of working for being more creative and successful like them in our jobs and careers as well. Creative individuals possess a great deal of energy, at the same time you would find them to be quiet and at rest as well. You would be perplexed to find them to be smart and naive at the same time.

Fresh Perceptions

You would find them to be personally creative, with fresh perceptions, and insightful judgments. The learning that we derive from these greats like Thomas Alva Edison, Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein or Pablo Picasso is that even though they displayed a creative spark on a personal level they impacted the larger society as a whole in an extremely positive way and become legends in here one right.

Change the Status Quo

Creativity than is an idea, act, or product that goes on to change the status quo in an existing domain. It also goes on to transform an existing one into an altogether different domain, the novelty thus created must be accepted and amalgamated by being included in the domain.

Final Words

They may come across as irrepressible, and they are seen to oscillate between responsibility and irresponsibility. They are a bundle of contradictions though, being humble and proud at the same time. Most of them are really passionate about their work; they may come across as extremely objective at times. Creative people display a high degree of openness and are sensitivity as well, if we can imbibe some of these traits, or approach the world of work like them, things would change drastically and so would the outcomes.


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