If You Want to Be Successful, You Need to Be Relevant

Did you ever ask yourself this all important question, what are the secret ingredients that go into the making of an exceptionally successful career? Is your answer on the expected lines, a bit of hard work and some luck thrown in.

Important Elements

Important ElementsHopefully you studied hard and did all the proper things, made the right noises, you may expect to succeed and accomplish your aim with élan. Just ensure that you succeed in your endeavor by ticking all the right boxes. No doubt, all of these are really important elements of success.

Caught Your Fancy

Kalaripayattu the ancient martial arts was extremely popular in the olden days, subsequently faded into oblivion with the passage of time, and was followed by a resurgence in public interest, in sync with global interest in martial arts, somehow caught your fancy.

Opportunity Knocks Your Doors

Opportunity Knocks Your DoorsJust visualize you are a teen growing up in the backwaters of Kerala, coming from an impoverished background looking for ways to survive the coming 24 hours. You might never ever imagine, not even in your wildest dreams, that opportunity can knock your doors by the fist, coming from a distant past.


By using your self-taught skills, you are able to provide an outlet for other youthful people. It is rather incredulous to come to the belief that an ancient martial art form would provide economic opportunities in the hinterland.

Cult Status

A host of national and international movies reinstated the cult status it enjoyed in the golden past. By appreciating the art form, you have found a means of generating your own income, by training others, competing and assisting in the production of action sequences in movies.

Go Beyond the Usual

Go-Beyond-the-UsualHowever you need to go beyond the usual, and consider additional factors as well, which in turn would go ahead and create the perfect conditions for sustainable realization of your goals. Success has got to be unique as far as you are concerned.

Instant Gratification

One has to be curious, must never adopt shortcuts, success has to be honest by all means or else it is going to be short-lived. Although these days instant gratification is the king, cutting corners in your efforts to attain success is not going to help.

The Definition of Success

The-Definition-of-SuccessFollowing your passion has redefined the definition of success for you. You have found your very own version of accomplishing your personal goals. This in turn has strengthened the belief that in this dynamic and changing world, being relevant is the equivalent of being successful.

Final Words

We got to base our actions on integrity, and a robust framework of consistent principles. It is an established fact that individuals as well as businesses who act with integrity and authencity are the ones who are the outliers in their respective industries.

They certainly go on to outlast the organizations that shriek their responsibilities in building ethical businesses. The bard William Shakespeare is often quoted saying “no legacy is as rich as honesty”. This in effect defines true success.


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