How Mindfulness Improves Workplace Performance?

Mindfulness simply means paying attention in a certain manner, on purpose, in the present moment, that too non-judgmentally, there is nothing esoteric about it. You go about your workday doing things the usual way, by default as you are a creature of habit.

A Calming Experience

A Calming ExperienceHowever when you really pay attention to what you are doing at the moment rather than just glossing over things, and start approaching things in a particular way you would have a calming and contend experience, that would certainly augment your workplace performance.

You No Longer Exist

Imagine a situation, where in the middle of a conversation, a person whips up his cell phone, and starts talking to the person on the other end, all of a sudden you no longer exist or someone checking the mail in the midst of a conversation. Chances are you would feel insulted when ever you come across such a rude behavior, well what lies at the root of such a behavior, is it absentmindedness, well the person has focused his or her energies on the phone and the email and is no longer mindful of your presence.

How Mindfulness Works

You begin by learning how to pay attention. Being mindful is a state of mind and may seem to be a very obvious How Mindfulness Worksconcept, however it is not practiced as widely as it should be. Have you ever wondered how mindfulness works.

Present in the Moment

Present in the MomentThis situation underscores the significance of being mindful in your day to day life, and also at your workplace to enhance your performance. As a natural corollary being more mindful means being more aware of what’s really going on. It also means being simply present in the moment, and paying attention. You would be amazed to know that something as simple as this would significantly increase employee engagement.

Emotional Exhaustion

How come being more mindful make you much more happier and all the  more Emotionalproductive at work. When leaders are mindful, a cascading effect is observed in the form of enhanced employee well being as well as performance. When a leader is more mindful, it immediately leads to a significant lowering of the emotional exhaustion that an employee experiences. Having more mindful leaders in the workplace is directly associated with employees having a better work-life balance, as well as overall job satisfaction.

Tangible Benefits

So much so for the salutary effects of mindfulness at the workplace, another noticeable fall out is that employees are more friendly with their co-workers, and as a result they are able to help the team much more. Having more autonomy and better connection is also needed for mindfulness to be really fruitful, ensure the necessary freedom at the workplace. In addition to the above there are other tangible benefits like improved decision making as a result of being mindful.

Chaotic Work Environment

Work EnvironmentJust practicing as little as fifteen minutes of meditation results in increased mindfulness, and such people have a much lower tendency to think in terms of sunken costs. Think of the chaotic work environment of a restaurant, mindfulness works wonders here as well, even at times when workers are not fully engaged for some reason or the other.

Sunk Cost Fallacy

It helps one focus better on tasks, that in turn brings extraordinary results. When you work with focus and
Job Performancemindfulness you will find that it alleviates the ill effects of sunk cost fallacy, this essentially is the bias that we have to continue treading the wrong path just because we have already invested time and energy in it, something of a bad movie, that you finish anyway just because you have already spent an hour or so.

Increased Job Performance

It leads to better focus and increased job performance, while workplace engagement increases feelings of happiness
and positivity, mindfulness on the other hand results in better cognitive skills, and attention span, enabling employees to juggle multiple things at once.

Final Words

Again undivided focus and attention is of utmost importance as half of the adult minds are not at all focussed during a typical day, resulting in a dip in performance, and worse when their minds wander they are all the more unhappy, so mindfulness finds applications in all spheres of life and needs to be incorporated earnestly in the right measure.


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