Don’t Be Afraid to Roll a Little Dice With Your Career

Everything that you do in life carries with it a certain margin of risk, infact life is a series of calculated risks, nothing more than that, and you can never be one hundred percent sure of the outcomes.

Create Good Fortune

Pinnacle of GloryIn a nutshell any attempt at anything has a complete chance of failure. Having said that do not lean too heavily on luck as it can play truant at times, rather try and create good fortune for yourself and others.

Create Conducive Conditions

One does not have any amount of control on random luck, while you can attract good fortune for yourself by creating conducive conditions. If you want to travel the world and have the option of choosing between an internet career or that in video production, it goes without saying, choosing a career in the internet industry, would take you across countries and continents, acting in this manner you do not just rely on plain luck, but render yourself fortunate enough to accomplish what you aspire.

A Byproduct of Choices

The fact remains– we risk all we have, in fact everything, everyday of our lives, without even knowing it. Life is personal satisfactionindeed all about risks, you take some of them while you avoid certain others. The life you have lived so far is infact a byproduct of the choices you have made this far and how lucky or unlucky you have gotten as a result.

The Recipe for Happiness

It goes without saying, you would avoid taking certain risks, say walking down a busy street, that too blind folded. While taking certain other risks is highly recommended as they constitute the necessary ingredients that goes into the recipe for happiness.

The Road Less Traveled

Do take the road less traveled, although it may seem to be scary, and the fact that the road has not been mapped, so you can only rely on your grit, determination, logic and intelligence, and of course a bit of luck to see you through as the road less traveled has richer plunders, you avoid getting there, however, when you do, it is well worth all the trouble.

Reap Bigger Rewards

Interview QuestionSame is true with your career, you take no risks, you get no rewards, you take big risks, you reap bigger rewards. Sitting at your desk, feeling frustrated, stuck and bored, you are pondering over some ideas, about what likely you are going to be doing next in your career, somehow they all feel to be very risky.

What Is Your Passion

You may be contemplating making a big investment in your career development or starting all over in another industry. Thinking about changing roles but staying in the same place, or quitting and starting your own business, or even maybe trying to figure out what your passion is.

Rolling the Dice on Your Career

Rolling the dice on your career is kinda hard and it surely feels awful, as you are wired to make things hard, biologically speaking, your paycheck covers all the basic necessities like paying for your rent, food and sundry other things you need to survive.

Final Words

To be truly happy you need to move forward, there is no point in spending considerable time over – thinking on this issue. Ask your self couple of questions to arrive upon the right decision, whether or not the next career move is going to work for you. Find out whether you are just thinking with your head or you are using your gut as well. Ask yourself, what is the worst thing that might happen, the worst thing perhaps could bring you back to the same place with more life experience and what possibly could you gain, well the gain would be in the right perspective and taking the best possible decisions.


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