How to Develop Resilience and Grit for Job Success

Does intelligence matter when it comes to job success, it sure does, it is not the sole predictor or indicator for future success though. A high IQ or EQ is not just enough, one needs GRIT as well and that too in a substantial measure.

Existential Threats

Often times people do possess these traits, however they are found wanting in terms of passion as well as persistence, that is required to overcome adversity, AQ or Adversity Quotient is the new buzz word. For any career professional to be successful as a business leader, all three of them are required. IQ for analysing various situations, formulating strategies and implementing action plans. EQ to motivate the staff around a common shared vision and AQ to respond to and counter existential threats.

Climbing a Mountain

The later is quite valuable in day to day living as well, as in the business context which is crisis free. The best thing about it is, it can be learned. Leave alone complicated business processes in mega organisations, even if we take the life of an individual, it has its share of trials and tribulations. Life can very easily be compared to climbing a mountain. If we pay close attention to this metaphor, people can be divided into three distinct groups.

Comfortable Plateau

The first one comprises of quitters, they are the ones who chicken out at the first possible instance, they are characterised by opting out, not even making a feeble attempt at climbing the various mountains they come across in their lives. They appear dwarf and distraught in front of life’s mountains. Then there are campers, who climb a comfortable distance, and go only far enough to be able to find a smooth and comfortable plateau. With the express purpose of finding a refuge and hiding from adversity, when things go seriously wrong.

Lifelong Ascent

The problem with such an approach is these people atrophy from lack of movement. And then there are climbers, they are dedicated to lifelong ascent, such people continue with their relentless climbing pursuits, even in the face of serious, debilitating setbacks.

Grace and Dignity

By now you must be wondering aloud, what is that separates the climbers from the campers and the quitters, well without an iota of doubt it is AQ. In the face of adversity, the quitters as well as the campers turn into hapless victims, whereas the climbers respond with grace and dignity, with a keen sense of purpose and much more greater sense of control.

Final Words

For this very reason resilience is important and the best thing about it is, it can be learnt in childhood and it will be of great help, right through your job and career progression. Now when we apply the same to our working life we find that winning is all about putting in long, hard practice, in fact persistence plays a role in overcoming adversity. Therefore resilience must be cultivated early on in life as it pays you rich dividends in adult working life.


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