Tell Me How You Spend Time After Job and I’ll Tell You Who You’ll Become

Well this bit is entirely true, the way you spend time after work goes on to determine in a large measure, what direction your career and life takes in the coming time. The fact remains, each and every one of us has exactly the same 24 hours, regardless, he or she happens to be a really success person or an average joe.

The Best Advice

Career AdviceThe difference lies in using these many hours quite wisely. Probably the best advice you would ever receive is to simply monitor the things that you allocate your time and make necessary adjustments, so that your everyday behavior reflects what you want out of your life.

Happy and Satisfied

How a person spends his days, in a large measure is a predictive indicator of the shape of things to come. If you go to work, and spend your time watching television before retiring to bed, it signals that you happen to be quite happy with your life and pretty much satisfied with your job as well.

Continuous Professional Development

And if are able to make time for networking events after working hours, this is probably a strong indication, that you are interested in taking your career to the next level and therefore you are taking steps for continuous professional development.

Long Term Goals

Which is to say, I have to ensure my daily actions are completely in sync with my long term goals. To be fair to most Goalpeople, they do not seem to understand the fact that they are building their career on a day to day basis, by taking daily incremental steps, and carving their own career path, with every decision they make and every action they take.

What You Really Care About

You may be passionate about writing books, painting, editing videos, filming or even making beaded bracelets, you would naturally like to share the same with the world and show what you really care about.

Consistent Basis

As a matter of fact, if you do something really well and on a consistent basis, sooner than later it becomes your reality, when you do something long enough it transforms into a habit. Before you know they metamorphosize into the building blocks of your behavior on a long term basis. Which in turn determine the course your life is going to take.

Concrete Steps

In the event you are unhappy with the present state of affairs and where you happen to be at the moment, you need to figure out what exactly is wrong and what all concrete steps can be taken at your end to amend the situation.

Your After Work Hours

Odds of SuccessIt helps to pay attention to your current habits, what you naturally do, and go about spending your time. Your after work hours precisely determine your future. Way too many people believe their career is determined by the essential eight hours of vigorous effort they put at the workplace.

Groom for Success

Having said that, people feel now the onus for their progress lies in the hands of the bosses and it is the responsibility of the company to groom them and propel their career.

Road map for Success

Well nothing can be farther from the truth, say you finish your work by six pm and go to bed by midnight, how you utilize these six hours determines to a significant extent the headway you would be able to make. It is prudent a chart a road map for success.

Final Words

Start by practicing the essentials for career progression within these stipulated hours. Read more and more, take up some projects for experience sake. Be really active when it comes to building connections. Visualize the things you want to accomplish and move in that direction with full gusto, vim and vigor, and there is no reason why you would be unable to attain what you aspire for. Do not just repose your faith in plain luck, work your way, inching closer to success with each passing moment.


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