How to Ensure Top Talent Chooses to Find You for a Job

They do know much more about you, than you know about them, can you face this fact, are you able to digest it. Well this is most certainly true of consumers, and unless you have been living under a rock for a very long time, you must be very well aware of peer to peer consumer reviews, in fact they have become a way of life.

Top of the Game

For this very reason, people do not even touch products with one star rating on amazon, they don’t want to be the object of ridicule in their immediate neighbourhood, in the event the product goes kaput in full public view. It is a given that nobody even cares a bit or trusts you with what you say about yourself. Gone are the days when individuals and organisations rode on the high wave of promotion alone, billboards with persuasive messages are still around but the focus has shifted from self promotion to maintaining a robust and honest presence, on the social media and thus be on the top of the game.

Sellers Market

You may still be a legend, but confined in your mind only and that place is going to get lonelier. God forbid, If you are still looking for customers in all the wrong places, the reality is they are on one online platform or the other, still contemplating, deliberating and deciding whether to find you or not. And by the way, the same holds good for prospective job aspirants. Now let us be very clear about the fact that for the top talent it is an out and out sellers market.

Heart of Your Company Culture

It has always been like that only, around this time they have acquired special ability and become superpowers. Be very clear about the fact that they have a sharp penetrating gaze, and see right through the very walls of your corporate headquarters, right into the heart of your company culture.

No Place to Hide

Current as well as former employees are a plenty, not to forget your customers, then there are fly by the night, run of the mill but highly focused organisational voyeurs, who do not hesitate in spilling the beans on what is not so good about you. And that is precisely the reason why you don’t go about finding top talent, rather the top talent chooses to find you. The stark reality of the present time is you cannot run and you have no place to hide.

Loud and Clear Message

The ability to be able to attract and of course retain top talent has never been more important than in the present time. The reason for this this is we are living in a very different world, than than the one which was inhabited by our predecessors. The upward rise of instagram. Facebook, airbnb, uber, their quick arrival on the scene, threatened the status quo of conventional business models, the message was loud and clear, either you innovate constantly as an entity or stand to lose the battle even before it is fought.

Talent Magnet

In order to be able to win in the present day arena of top talent, you would need to master the essential elements of  being a top notch talent magnet. First and foremost, you need to have an authentic, as well as compelling employment value proposition. Secondly you must maintain complete transparency and be accessible to the public, thirdly you must have a steady as well as robust pipeline of concrete proof points, which in essence translates into taking impactful actions, rather than following the prevalent fads.

Final Words

Ensure that the top talent is able to see a clear path to their promising future. So immediately stop looking for top notch talent in all the wrong places, that too using time worn techniques. Give talent the reasons as well as the mechanisms to be able to find you. After all best talent invariably gravitates towards the best employers.


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