Type A vs Type B: Does Personality Type Matter at Job?

Which of these describes you better than the other, ambitious to the core, organized, a little bit impatient at times, highly competitive, creative, collaborative, somewhat messy at times. Most of us associate ourselves with either type A or type B personality.

Manic Fervor

Pinnacle of GloryAgain it is entirely possible that you do not associate with one to the complete exclusion of other, and depending on context you make associations with both. Many people amongst us like to schedule our time and go about writing lists with manic fervor, type A personality attribute, on the other hand we have never ever tried making our beds, let alone make it in reality. Now that I have piqued your interest, you would certainly like to delve deeper into the whole thing.

Biting More Than One Can Chew

Let us try and see how the two types tend to break down. The type A come across as go getters, being time oriented, organized, impatient, ambitious, they are more predisposed to stressing themselves out by taking in more than they can probably handle, the proverbial biting more than one can chew. Now contrast it with the type B’s, these are much more relaxed, have low stress. They come across as patient, steady, highly creative, thoroughly enjoy their achievement, and never get all worked out and wrapped up in insignificant nitty gritties and unnecessary details.


Happy Go Lucky

happy3Again you dress up whenever possible is indicative that you fall under the A camp, whereas dressing down indicates you are are inclined to adopt the mindset of type B personalities. Small things like a proper lunch box put you in the a bracket, and if you happen to be the grab & go types you probably fall in the carefree, happy go lucky B category, this essentially is an exercise in sampling the subjects at any given workplace, if you happen to be observing closely. Many of you would in fact be identifying with a little bit of both.

Flawless System

Do you pride yourself as a person who hits inbox zero, all the time, no new mails, no matter what the cost, or are you the one who says, who has the time for clearing the inbox. Well there are people who do have an almost flawless system for the to do list or you prefer a system that is somewhat impromptu. Are you a compulsive browser tab purger or do you have a bad habit of drowning in tabs. When you go out for your cuppa, opting for a whipped cream frappe with caramel tells a lot about your choices, if you settle for a refreshing piping cup of black coffee, it says a lot about your outlook and your personality type.

Scratching the Surface

How Mindfulness WorksSo much so for scratching the surface, when we delve a little deeper we acutely become aware of the prevailing dichotomy. The story dates back to 1950, when the original A/B Personality test was devised to screen out people who were more prone to developing coronary heart disease, in simple words weed out a person who is more likely to develop the same as compared to others, a clear indicator that the mental states of people can and do have a significant and substantial effect on their physiological health.

Final Words

They are highly significant in the workplace as different personality types have different working as well as collaboration styles. At the end of the day, what really matters more than the segregation and categorization is how effectively you go about your work in day to day scenarios, and of course how organized you stay at work. Labelling is secondary, call yourself whatever you want, as long as you are effective and things are working for you with your chosen systems.


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