How Social Media Can Break Your Interview & Cost You the Job?

Are you aware of the fact that in the current job market, technology plays a pivotal role in a job aspirant landing a job. Other than networking in person, social media is a unique platform where job seekers can effectively market themselves to promising potential employers.

Network of People

Network of PeopleHave you ever wondered how your Facebook, twitter or linked in pages might be destroying your interview. It may be quite possible that you have the wrong network of people. Having too many privacy filters could work against you as well.

Know the Person

As things stand at the moment an increasingly large number of employers are turning to the social media pages of potential hires in order to know the person wholly before arriving at the final decision.

The Recruitment Experts

According to experts in the recruitment field, be it career advisers or Recruitment Expertsprofessional CV writers many a job seekers lose out on a number of job opportunities just because of what they post on the social media without even realizing it or knowing that social media was the reason behind their rejection.

Truth Be Told

Truth be told, people do go ahead and drop their guard while they are on the social media platforms. They treat these spaces as something of a private property and on number of occasions they want to show off to their friends, sharing of photos which could fall on the other side of being weird, or crazy status updates, due occur on a fairly regular basis.

Short Listing

Short ListingOne ought to be really careful about what the person posts on the internet, as this invariably has a major impact on the individual’s job search. As things stand, the interview process has numerous stages, comprising of short listing, which is followed by the actual interview finished off with reference checks.

Exercise Due Diligence

Why is it that employers check out your particular profile on various social media platforms. Essentially it is to gauze what kind of a person you are, your level of maturity, and most important of all to exercise due diligence before arriving at the all important decision of picking or dropping a candidate.

Go the Extra Mile

In addition to the regular practice employers these days persistently go the extra mile and use social media pages as Go the Extra Milepoints of referral. This in effect means there is absolute possibility that a certain job seeker is going to miss out on an employment opportunity only because of something posted by him or her online.

Modern Day Employers

For modern day employers, checking references usually brings them to the social media pages, before they arrive at the final decision. Photos of partying with your friends or inappropriate photos could mar your chances for a senior position and it is quite possible you may not be considered seriously by potential employers.

The Right Network

Net-workerJust ensure you have the right network of people as a wrong network may have that one single friend tagging you in an offensive post and ripping apart your credibility and professionalism.

Digital Footprints

Leaving behind digital footprints that can be traced back to you, helps recruiters and employers with cost effective and convenient pre-screening and if you appear to be having a fun and interesting profile then you are quite likely to be called for an interview.

Final Words

You must think of your online presence as something of an international resume that can potentially market you in the online job platform provided your profile is more accessible sans too many filters and you come across as a person with full of professionalism with a positive outlook on life.


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