Thoughtful Insights for Creating and Sustaining Workplace Happiness

Have you ever considered the spaces where we work, the people we work alongside, when you come to think of it you would realize, they make the most of our working lives or should we say they are a significant part of our lives.

Patterns for Workplace Happiness

Workplace HappinessWhen it comes to workplace happiness, it is viewed as some distant outcome rather than being an enduring prerequisite of our working lives. Are you in the habit of interrupting people when they express either fondness or intense dislike for their jobs and go ahead and candidly ask why. Well what ensues, reveals patterns for things that produce or hinder happiness at work, the enthusiastic explanations as well as  frustrated rants define these patterns.

Monday Morning Blues

The basic elements of what people optimally seek in the workplace are no great secret, supported by science, philosophy, psychology and numerous countless stories narrated by managers and thought leaders. Monday morning blues would be relegated to something of a past relic when people are able to analyse what makes them happy or miserable while working for their employers.

Authentic Happiness

What makes you happy working for your current employer, well there is nothing new to it, it is actually decades old happinesswisdom, essentially it is a desire for holistic and meaningful work, a sense of purpose, belonging, ownership, connection and creativity. Upon further exploration you would find that authentic happiness is an integral combination of meaningful engagement and positive emotions.

Workplaces Hinder Engagement

Now that the interest has been sufficiently piqued, you are quite curious to ask people around whether workplaces promote positive emotions and engagement or hinder them. Sadly you would come to the realization that the latter is true most of the times.

The Two Realms of Life

In order for a person to exude authentic happiness, one needs to exercise certain virtues or traits like kindness, duty and leadership. The social relations and the bonds we forge outside as well as inside of our workplaces are the two realms of life that elicit positive meaningful engagement, with sanguine disposition towards the upbeat and cheerful emotions.

The Growth Mindset

Growth MindsetThis calls for tapping into some really effective resources from true leaders, great researchers, eminent thinkers and weave them in your day to day activities at the workplace, within the team as well as on a personal level too. It is indeed a trait that can be honed further much like an idea which can be developed into something that is really fulfilling. Lets us see what all can be done, to begin with a great leadership encourages an environment fostering autonomy, ownership, with a growth mindset behind whatever is done.

Art as Well a Science

Art & ScienceConsider the essential aspects of effective management for optimal satisfaction with what you do for a living. The idea is to build and nurture the future perfect team, with helpful insights on managing and motivating an exceptional team. Assembling and motivating a great bunch of talented people and keeping them happy, is both art as well a science for them to flourish as a business team.

Happiness Pays Rich Dividends

Happiness pays a rich dividend by significantly raising business and even educational outcomes, sales and productivity is enhanced, myriad health and quality of life improvements are witnessed, it is about time companies conducting leadership training, do so in all earnestness, as happiness plays a very significant role in overall leadership effectiveness.

Connect With Your Employees

Just perks would never bring you the desired results, be passionate about people, motivate and engage rather than pamper them, you need to listen to them. When you are able to connect your employees with a greater purpose the intrinsic motivation is enough to keep them hooked as against extrinsic motivation.

The Glue That Keeps the Flock Intact

Do not lean too heavily on money as a motivator, only money can never buy happiness, a sense of feeling engaged and connected for a superior and higher purpose is the glue that keeps the flock intact. It is true that happiness is defined by an individual, at the same time it can be learnt by observing the happiness of others and used in finding fulfilling work.

Flow Is the Secret to Everlasting Happiness

Happiness PaysThe greatest teams arrive and thrive by prioritizing and nurturing a positive and healthy internal work culture. Happiness is absolutely critical to the success of a workplace and its inhabitants. Flow is indeed the secret to everlasting happiness that makes life worth living.

Build a Remarkable Organization

A deep understanding of human nature, and the wisdom to build a remarkable organization, helps employees build remarkable lives, in the modern day workplace, the underlying basis is happiness.  Can you design happiness, well it seems possible if you contribute to the greater good, get rid of your inflated ego, and align yourself with a goal that is much bigger than you.

Final Words

Employee engagement also depends on a larger extent to what happens outside office and it is essential that employees bring the whole of them to their workplace. Mean people fail and that too spectacularly, it is important that we understand a spirit of benevolence is indeed a fundamental component in building and sustaining things, that matter as well as last.


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