How to Keep Pace With the Constantly Changing Job World?

In an ever changing world, change is the only constant that we can relate to, same is true in the world of work as well. When humans started leading a settled life, as opposed to their hunter gatherer existence, helping hands were required in the agrarian societies, all was well until the first industrial revolution swept the world followed by a second industrial revolution.

Hit a Plateau

Daunting ChallengeThings had got staid and hit a plateau before the IT or the computer revolution took over the world by a storm. Having said that it is quite difficult to predict the future with any degree of certainty, especially when it comes to technological progress. The year was 1876 when the monopolist of the time, western union, engaged in delivering wire messages within the United States, communicated in an internal memo, the telephone has way too many shortcomings to be considered as a serious means of communication and a threat to its business.

Bleak Prophecy

Alexander Graham Bell might be squirming in his grave till this date. Tell the same to any smartphone user these days and you would be greeted by a perplexing, bewildered look, can one imagine life these days without a personal mobile computing device, so much so for the bleak prophecy of western union way back in the eighteenth century.

A Holistic ViewInterview Jitters

In the year 1943 IBM had predicted a world market of just five computers, the reality in this day and age is a standard household has roughly five or more computers in most parts of the world, ranging from desktops to laptops, tablets and mobile devices. Well it was not always like this, mainframe computers used to occupy couple of rooms. Nevertheless the future pace of computerization and the adoption of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, will decide the way the world views jobs.

The Work Environment

Work EnvironmentGiven this scenario of a rapidly changing world, the business and work environment, the type of vacancy you come across in the ongoing recruitment scenario, and the employment opportunities that come your way, the job responsibilities are invariably changing both on an individual basis as well as member of an organization’s team. Each one of us needs to prepare ourselves for a rapidly shifting work environment.

An Understanding of Change

Some tips would be apt and helpful in helping us to deal with change in an effective manner, for the betterment of our careers and our organizations as well. The primary measures that can be taken to adapt to change could be on these lines. It all starts by becoming more aware of your situation, you ought to develop an understanding of change, building up skills as well as knowledge.

Unexpected Forces of Change

Combining of ForcesAt the same time one needs to be aware of the current situation. As things stand you are in a prime position to be overwhelmed most likely by hitherto unexpected forces of certain change. People often tend to miss out on important information, when they go ahead and employ selective habits, perceptions and specializations in order to keep themselves from inadvertently getting exposed to fresh ideas they may not wish to hear as it is unpalatable to them.

Final Words

An ostrich mentality of assuming and pretending that no change is going to disrupt the status quo is wishful thinking. Change is going to be a part of our working lives, it is better we adopt ways and means to keep pace with it or get drowned in the deluge. We have got to make a choice, ride the wave of change or get overwhelmed by it and suffer in the process, there is no denying change is a reality and it is here to stay.


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