The Chameleon and Mule Approach to Manage Job Chaos

We put in our best efforts to keep the trails of our professional life far from being rough as well as manage our personal affairs as smoothly as possible, despite our noble intentions chaos strikes back and throws everything into a state of disarray.

The Right Timing

Quality TimeIt is quite interesting to observe that on closer scrutiny you will find the chameleons and the mules to be at the opposite ends of the spectrum, however when you attempt a spectacular combination between the two, by employing the right timing, disruption gets minimized and amazing things happen.

State of Flux

An analogy with a pro mountain biker would bring some clarity. During such times, something of an inner suspension gives in, kicking us hard where it hurts the most. Then there are times when the rider has no choice left but to simply get off the bike, and figure out how to move forward, things begin to appear a bit scary and one is left at their wits end. When we are unable to understand the mechanics of a given situation, as the mechanics themselves happen to be in a state of flux, accomplishing job goals seems to be a daunting task, veritably impossible.

Comfort Zone

ComfortableOn the face of it one may find the situation to be frustrating and assume that nothing can be done about it. However the fact remains, managing such a  chaotic situation is entirely possible. It calls you to step out of your regular routine, you have got to be a chameleon one minute and a stubborn mule the very next minute.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Till such time you are unable to understand the nature of chaos, you would be unable to do anything credible and concrete to mitigate the situation. There comes a time, when you are able to see light at the end of the tunnel, so the moment you see a way out of the situation, take the lifeline, be it a vacancy for an employment in an ongoing recruitment process or something quite similar, you have to remain committed and absolutely true to your path, irrespective of what gets thrown in your way, a job or whole lot of challenging jobs, they should be unable to unsettle you.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Adopting the chameleon and mule approach is the like putting your best foot forward, it will equip you not just with the required know how, but also enable you to take your folks alongside, all the way out of a chaotic situation no matter how rotten and desperate things seem to be. Initially it will help you to adapt and learn and then garner the required strength to effect necessary changes.

Final Words

You may be amazed to know that flexibility works wonders, when the situation is in charge of us rather than the other way round. Sometimes strength comes from taking in the blows that the situation mercilessly throws at you and the person or persons who emerge unscathed are no doubt much stronger than the they were in the first place.


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