An Overview of Common and Perplexing Interview Questions (Chapter 1)

To come out of any interview with flying colors you need a bit of preparation beforehand and it goes without saying that some of the questions can be pretty much usual, while others may leave you perplexed and flummoxed. Let us examine some of them and the appropriate responses that would help you land the coveted job.

Interview Question

Skill Set

Well the adequate response could go something like this. I see myself in senior role, managing an important portfolio within the organization. In any job interview your skills are tested first hand, you may be even asked to demonstrate it in practice.

Break Into a Sweat

Break Into a SweatIt is not just the freshers, even experienced people at times break into a sweat just at the mention of an interview. You may find some of the questions, to be mundane, regular stuff, what matters is your confidence, poise, and the attitude that decides whether you land the job or not.

Strengths and Weaknesses

And within those responses there would be definitive clues pertaining to your strengths and weaknesses, with regards to your suitability for a particular job. Now, instead of frittering your time and energy regarding the outcomes of the job interview, you need to look for that one particular answer, even if it seemingly appears to be a personal one.

Tricky Questions

At times tricky questions would be thrown your way in order to flummox you. Whenever you are stuck in such a situation use your wit and grit to come out with flying colors. A question may go something like this, how do you see yourself 5 years down the line.

Cross Question

Tricky QuestionsBe prepared to be cross questioned as an interview is basically a skill test. When applicants are unable to understand common interview questions, they get stumped, and keep on stumbling in the future as well. The standard questions are based on the premise that, they would be able to elicit an adequate response.

The Verdict

The only prerequisite from your side is that, while answering the same, you must appear confident and composed which would lend you the credibility as being the perfect option for the job. It is the way you go about answering, the sort of words you use and the level of confidence you display alongside your attitude conveys a whole lot about you to the recruiter and in turn helps them to arrive at a judgement.

Career Experts

Career ExpertYou may still have your doubts, whether or not, you are a perfect match for the job in question. Don’t fret, just pay attention to the advice rendered by career experts and you would easily come out of the interview with flying colors. Some sample questions could go like this, why should we hire you? The most appropriate answer would be, you would get a great platform to showcase your talents, skills and knowledge.

Final Words

Again another question could arise like, what are the reasons behind leaving your previous job. The proper answer could be something on these lines, in order to be able to enhance my skill set I am looking for still better opportunities. Now that you have got a fair idea of the interview process you can approach the entire thing with confidence, keep following career specialists for outstanding inputs, that would help you advance your career at a fast pace.


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