Check Out These High Paying Professions Sans Big Degrees

Don’t fret if you do not have time, money, energy or above all the willingness to pursue a bachelor’s degree or a masters for that matter. You are not doomed for failure as many would like you to believe.


VisualizationIf you look objectively at the entire educational setup, you would clearly be able to see that highly expensive degrees are not as paying, as they once used to be. Now that you have convinced yourself of relatively lesser importance of educational degrees or your lack of it, don’t lose heart. You are not going to face a tough time earning a livelihood or get under debt many times over. Whenever you find yourself on shaky ground just visualize some dropouts and see where they ended, with criminal gangs or engaging in nefarious activities, doing drugs, detested by the society, rendered unproductive.

Dropouts by Choice

Well this is one end of the spectrum, at the other end are people like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, who Dropoutswere dropouts by choice and they made something out of their lives, gifted the world some new technological innovations and changed the way the world communicated, in short they heralded the computer revolution, in other words they were the harbinger of the technological era in the true sense. They became legends in their lifetimes and left a positive and highly powerful example for others to emulate. Unlike the dropouts who lacked focus, self discipline and direction hence they glided rudderless and made a mess of their lives.

Burning Desire to Succeed

All it takes is positive thinking, proper planning, perseverance, grit and determination and a burning desire to succeed. You would in fact be mighty amazed at the plethora of job options that happen to be the highest paying ones, without the need for you to pursue advanced degrees at the onset. The list happens to be a long one, but should not be construed to be limited to only these many options. The more popular ones are fitness trainers, radio jockey, voice over artists, freelance photographers, BPO professionals, network support personnels, gaming managers, web developers, multimedia artists, professional but ethical hackers, commercial driver’s, real estate brokers, commercial pilots, event managers and many more.

Passport to Success

successSo far so good, and till now you were thinking that a great degree with an awesome percentile was your passport to success, think again. For instance a professional freelance photographer makes good money, this profession hinges more on skills rather than your educational qualifications. The most important thing over and above everything else is your high degree of interest in the field and the ability to click outstanding pictures, you can work part time, to begin with and gradually move to full time engagement. These days almost every website or travel portal for that matter and media agencies, are always on the lookout for conceptual as well unique photographs. After your 12 standard, you may get trained online or become an apprentice for a renowned photographer.

Final Words

Sky is the limit, once you are able to pick up the ropes. Again, you don’t have to rack your brains a lot as the rapid acceptance, proliferation and expansion of internet has lead to emerging professions like ethical hackers, who secure the cyber-world and earn a lot, online courses are available and an inclination for tech is enough and the list goes on.


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