These Uncomfortable Deeds Will Make You More Successful

Someone aptly said, comfort zone is indeed a beautiful place, but nothing of consequence ever grows there, in essence life begins at the extreme end of your comfort zone, this is where the magic happens.

The Magic

magicTill the time you are going to be staying within the cocooned safety of your comfort zone you are not going to improve. For your betterment you have to leave your comfort zone for good and the sooner the better.

Soar Into the Stratosphere

The Very act of stepping out of your comfort zone is a strong determinant of your success and well-being. It is quite interesting to know that our brains are wired in such a manner, that it becomes difficult to take any sort of action up until the time we sense some degree of stress and relative discomfort. Fact remains, performance always soars into the stratosphere and peaks sky high, when you are well out of your comfort zone.

Inaction — The Greatest Mistake

It is very rightly said, that when you happen to be too comfortable, your performance suffers gravely due to inaction, again the opposite is also not very palatable, on has got to strike a balance. If you happen to venture too far outside of your comfort zone, you are more likely to melt down from harsh stress.

Peak Performance

Perform BetterIt is said that peak performance and stress do go hand in hand, stepping outside the comfort zone does make you a far better person, and you don’t need to be climbing mount Everest or something close to it. When you happen to pay attention you will find that, it is the everyday tasks and challenges that happen to  push the boundaries the most.

Exhilarating Experience

All you need to do is step out of your comfort zone and readily accept these challenges by incorporating certain changes, like getting up earlier than your usual time. Accomplishing a seemingly impossible goal is an exhilarating experience.


Brain Density

Both Sides of Your BrainIt is indeed very good for your brain, in as much as it is quite soothing for the brain and is tranquilizing as well. Neuroscientists have found that meditation does create important as well as discernible physical  changes in the practitioner’s brain. The brain density is perceptibly increased in those areas of your brain that are responsible for problem solving, focusing, flexibility, self control, resilience and the best part is these changes happen to be really long lasting.

Proven Technique

Again meditation is indeed a great and proven technique to help you slow down, when you are so busy and stuck in your comfort zone that you find it difficult to exactly do that, being hardly able to think what you are doing and why you are doing it. The process plays a crucial role in breaking this cycle.

Final Thoughts

It helps if you focus on one thing at a given point in time, try and volunteer purely for altruistic reasons, it is a powerful tool that will transform you beyond your wildest dreams, that too in a positive manner.


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