Where Do You Fall on the Experience Curve?

If you have observed the phenomenon of job search closely, you would be able to distinctly recall, two types of people who would seemingly be struggling in their pursuit of a better life, which is indeed the ultimate goal, by landing a  better job and building a better career.

The Two Extremes

They happen to be under qualified and overqualified people. There is very good reason for this, the ones who are under qualified most certainly find themselves not being taken very seriously by the employers.  And on the other hand the ones who are overqualified are woefully unable to convince their employers that the job is way beneath their capabilities.

Debilitating Career Pain

Changes Lives and CareersBoth of them happen to be in serious and debilitating career pain. It really hurts when you find yourself in a quandary, feeling rather helpless, And are unable to sort things out for yourself and eventually unable to fix the problem. Well there is infact no reason to feel dejected and be despotic about making a headway, for there is always light at the end of the tunnel provided you look for it and trudge along the tricky career path with its attendant ups and downs.

Typical Career Lifecycle

To begin with, we need to take a deep and hard look on a typical career life-cycle, essentially it follows the experience curve without fail. Typically one starts out in his or her career with close to something of a zero experience, working year after year, and with multiple jobs under your belt, you tend to build your skill set, as well as the expertise working over a significant period of time, this invariably leads to you earning the respect, trust and the assistance of employers.

Better Employment Opportunities

employeeeeThis in turn leads you to better employment opportunities with higher salaries. Now it goes without saying , you need to devote your attention the most on continuous learning, and growing with time. It must be understood very clearly that one needs to keeps one’s skills to be extremely relevant by being extremely sensitive and attuned to the needs of the employers, for if you do the contrary you have set yourself up for a downward slide, falling down to the other side of the curve is a very real possibility.

Demand and Supply

All of a sudden you find yourself in a tricky situation, where you are deemed overqualified and no sooner this happens, the universal law of demand and supply suddenly kicks in. Try and understand, there is no company in the world ever willing to pay for the skills, it does not require or need at all in the first place. Never ever come across as a person who is jack of all trades and who costs way too much.

Workplace Persona

WorkplaceRather focus on your specialities, come across as a person who has the right aptitude personality and experience to do the job in the best possible manner. Try and bring value to the organization by assuming the right workplace persona, this way it would be easier for you to convince them that you are the best person for the job.

Final Words

Do try to make up with enthusiasm for what you seemingly lack in experience in the event you come across as under qualified. When you come across as overqualified, try to simplify things for your prospective employers, this way you would be able to bolster your chances of employment despite the odds being against you.


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