How to Deal With Fear of Failure on the Job?

You would find fear lurking around the corner, sooner or later you would fail at one thing or the other, that is not very significant, the important thing is how you go ahead and deal with the resultant failure.

The Preparation Level

Human PotentialIrrespective of the kind of logic you employ, the arguments you furnish, regardless of how sound they may come across. The training regimen and the preparation level both for you and your team notwithstanding, no one can eliminate the potential and likelihood for eventual failure at certain tasks in the workplace.

Seed of Doubt

You may happen to be a world class athlete, even the reigning champion of both 100 and 200 meters sprint is not immune from the ravages of failure despite being successful since the fully automatic time measurements came in vogue in athletics. A seed of doubt is sown in the mind given the stumbling performances in recent times.


Chills Down The Spine

So what do you do when you come across that familiar feeling of the chill running down your spine, hits you hard. Well you are no hapless creature who cannot do anything and just sit and regret the whole situation. You can always redefine yourself.

Rewrite Your StoryMedical Writer

You can go ahead and rewrite your story, it is not a tall order by any yardstick. Oftentimes the nagging fears that keep on plaguing us in a big way are unmistakably associated with stories or a bigger story, made up of many such smaller stories, which we happen to be continuously telling ourselves about the direction of our lives.

The First Hurdle

Given this backdrop, we need to draw inspirations from entrepreneurs who somehow fail at the very first hurdle of their entrepreneurial journey. They return back into the corporate fold and tread the corporate treadmill to continue doing the same things forever, that they have been doing all the while. Would you readily believe someone who told you that your story carries the potential of becoming your prison. Well it is quite possible, when you set it in stone, may be either in a negative way or a positive manner.

Re-frame Failure

Turn Failures Into SuccessIn the event that you are able to rewrite your life story at any point in time, and the fact that there are many paths leading to the same destination, the fears would not stick around for a very long time. In addition to this you must be able to re-frame what failure exactly means to you and it really helps if you can visualize failure, well before it happens.

Fear Is Going to Stay

And remind you fear is not going to go anywhere, it is going to stay, now is just the right time for you to learn to effectively harness the most powerful of all emotions so that it does not become your weakness.

Final Thoughts

Someone very rightly pointed out, you should never ever prepare to fail, but you should always be prepared to fail. If you look at failure objectively, it is simply your inability to reach an objective. Just try to see beyond the perceived setback, you are going to notice positive incidental outcomes.


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