How to fix some common workplace insecurities?

At some point in time or the other we all come across the insecurities that abound in our life, whether it is the outcome of an interview that we undertook against a vacancy for a recruitment initiative or something similar.

Time on Earth

time on earthHonestly speaking it is a very natural way of gauzing whether we would be successful in our ventures or they would end badly for us. In order to be fully able to enjoy your time on earth, you would need to take your fears, be it job insecurity or otherwise by its horns.

Constantly Changing Kaleidoscope

One must always bear in mind that life is a constantly changing kaleidoscope, and anything that seems to be stable as far as the present is concerned could well be broken or gone for good in the coming time.

Make Yourself Powerful

The Story however does not end here. You got to make yourself powerful, and when you are able to do that, you would always be able to overcome setbacks, rebuild, and you can keep moving forward all by your own free will and happiness is surely yours no matter wherever you go.

Retrace Your Steps

To begin with you need to make adjustments to your perspective by making necessary amendments. It helps to practice being objective, if you are overwhelmed by the feeling that you are unable to accomplish something, trace your steps back and distance from the self.


VisualizationThe imagery and visualization of you being a completely and totally different person turns out to be quite helpful. There is great value in assuming the role of an advisor. Just think of the things that you would tell another person in such a situation.

Feeling Nervous

Say for example you are feeling nervous about going to an office party where you are just barely familiar with your departmental team; others turn out to be absolutely new faces. But here your presence is required and beneficial as well.

A Cathartic Feeling

Another instance could be, you are out and about interviewing for a job, what sort of advice you would be giving to a person who happens to be in a similar position. Being objective about things is a cathartic feeling.

Heart and Soul

Human PotentialIf you look at things dispassionately, then there is nothing to be really scared about, and success is going to be yours if you put your heart and soul to something. Again it helps if you write down your fears.

The Hurdles

Just jot down every small thing that you happen to be worried about, along with all the attendant factors that according to you are hurdles in your way of being unable to accomplish things. Now do yourself a favor, read the list over and over again.

Figment of Imagination

While undertaking this exercise, ensure that you take the time out to ask yourself, how many of these fears are rational ones and how many of them are irrational ones. They may be a figment of your imagination.

The Root

They may even happen to be a product of negative thinking. You really need to take the time to think what lies at the root of all your fears. The fears could range from making a fool out of yourself in a given situation to under confidence at other times.

Final Thoughts

It could well be disappointing your parents or bosses, being unable to have the life you long for could be another cause for distress. Take the most appropriate course of action to allay your fears and grow as a professional.


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