Step Out of Your Comfort Zone and Excel at Your Job

Do you go weak in your knees each time you are required to speak in public and your knees tend to buckle as you head towards the podium. As a routine, during the course of discharging your professional responsibilities you are required to expand your network, especially if you are in the sales field.

Small Talk

Small TalkHowever if you happen to be swallowing your nails, when you got to be making small talk with strangers, things are going to turn difficult for you. It is very well recognized that proactively speaking up in meetings is a surefire way of furthering your reputation at the workplace, so what is it that possibly holds you back from taking up the initiative and speaking up, you might be afraid of uttering the wrong thing. Come to think of it situations as these are crucial for professional advancement but somehow they come across as really terrifying on a personal level, well it is not an one off situation, such examples abound, and unfortunately they happen to be ubiquitous.

Knee Jerk Reaction

A knee jerk reaction is the most easy and first line of response to such terrifying situations. Avoidance comes first and foremost to the mind, what could be easier, to excuse yourself out of the situation by avoiding it, nobody wants to experience anxiety, the best thing to do is not to seek unpleasant situations in the  first place and when you do get entangled in one, avoid it to the best of your ability. To many a folks these tasks may appear to be highly unpleasant and obnoxious, but at the same time one must bear in mind they are really necessary.

Keep Learning and Growing

Keep LearningImagine you are sitting in a senior recruitment panel, to fill in a vacancy for a particular job or multiple jobs for that matter, keeping mum is detrimental to all concerned, the job aspirant, the recruiter and the organization. This brings us to the fact that as we proceed ahead on our chosen career path, we need to keep on learning and growing and no matter what sort of situations we constantly face, we must assess the circumstances and adapt our behaviour accordingly.

Career Leap

Changes Lives and CareersThis infact is the plain and simple reality of the world that we work in today. First and foremost we ought to have the requisite skills and the courage as well to take the much needed career leap, otherwise we are going to miss out on really important opportunities for professional advancement. As career oriented professionals, we cannot afford to slow down or stop building our career by circumventing these professionally sound and beneficial activities and tasks.

Final Thoughts

The change would only come by being thoroughly honest with yourself, ask yourself objectively, did you avoid going on stage and making that all important presentation at the highly important industry conference, due to paucity of time or was it that you felt sacred and experienced stage fright even before making a feeble attempt at it, when in all probability you should have taken the call in the best interest of all concerned. Be adept at recognizing opportunities and ensure you are able to take complete advantage in the broadest professional terms.


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