How to Smartly Answer Stupid Job Interview Questions? (Chapter 6)

Trust me completely on this, if it was me who was interviewing a candidate during a job interview, I would not be able to force my lips in order to form some idiotic sort of job interviews question that most aspirants come across in their quest for jobs, whenever they respond to a vacancy while looking for employment opportunities.

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Interview QuestionDuring the course of the recruitment process, people feel that by asking certain pointed questions like, what would you bring to the team, they would be able to hire better people, well come to think of it, they have not seen the folks on the team and they do not even know them professionally. At best, it is a hypothetical question, and add the fact that they are blissfully unaware of your exact needs and requirements, save the skeletal job description you have shared which depicts a uni-dimensional picture, at times they are clueless as to what you are hiring for.

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The Disconnect

DisconnectThe harsh experience that plenty of job seekers come across have taught them a valuable lesson, many a times a sizable number of recruiters as well as hiring managers are not exactly aware, what it is it really that they are hiring for, there is a disconnect between, the concerned department and the people who are trying trying to fill in the vacancy.

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Work Culture

Rigid-Work-CultureAnother brainless question that one comes across is, why do you want to work here. Well come to think of it, how would a job aspirant know in all earnestness, up until the time they had a real chance, to learn anything about the work culture. Experts who have interviewed scores of candidates generally tend to harbor strong opinions, they say negative questions are in fact trap questions deliberately and purposefully thrown at unsuspecting candidates.

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Seasoned Career Professionals

They voice their genuine concern by cautioning candidates, to resist from answering these questions in a straightforward manner. If you go contrary to this advice, you are most likely to dig a deep hole for yourself. Now, if we move beyond the negative questions then the job aspirants can expect flat out dumb as well as stupid questions. These may still make some sense as college entrance questions, however when the same is posed to seasoned mid career professionals of around 42 years, it comes across as laughing stock, conveying the bankruptcy of ideas of the interviewers and the seasoned weather beaten job searching candidates are ready with stock answers.

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The Deluge

Interview JittersTo a question, what you don’t like about your work, probably the answer would be on these lines. I am not quite pleased when I am hit with a whole lot of unexpected assignments, the deluge kind of unsettles me, unnerves me. Don’t just stop by communicating your perceived handicap or shortcomings, that would be a no brainer as much as the question.

Final Words

Tell the interviewer instead, who is trying so hard to fill in the vacancy at this point in time in the recruitment drive, that over a period of time you have reflected on this very issue and come up with with a highly evolved time management as well as prioritization strategy that has since stood you in good stead and let you take things in your stride. Be confident and positive, you would surely be able to nail the interview if make the necessary course corrections.


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