Unmistakable Signs Your Boss is Undermining You at the Workplace

Let’s say you are blessed with a considerate and an understanding boss, who brings the very best out of you at all given times. Such bosses shower all the praises, try their best to motivate you, so that you can perform to the very best of your ability, this bodes really well with the overall health of the organization and it goes without saying, you love the workplace and look forward to coming everyday, well almost.

A Big Nightmare

Workplace HappinessContrast this scenario when you come across a bad boss at your workplace or a string of such bosses, this is the first sign of trouble as you have a serious problem at hand. Do you happen to be working for a manager who hates you and can’t stand you at all. Well this is nothing sort of a disaster, and dealing with such an undermining boss is indeed a big nightmare at hand.

Highly Tricky and Dangerous Situation

What are the tell tale signs that your boss hates you big time, not only s/he actively dislikes you, but certainly goes out of the way to harm your career progression. Come to think of it, working for a person or an organization that actively seeks opportunities to put in a spot and make you fail for sure lands you in a highly tricky and dangerous situation.

Tell Tale Signs

Design Your LifeAre you in dilemma that your boss is quite actively working against your best interests, here are some of the obvious signs and signals that you got to watch as far as the machinations of your boss is concerned.

The Blame Game

They don’t think twice before sabotaging your career, by putting the blame squarely on your team, if you happen to lead one or on  you directly if you happen to be the only one responsible for a project or an assignment, should their superiors pull them up for a lousy job. This effectively demonstrates their inability to accept responsibility and then play the blame game instead, with you coming in the line of fire.

Professional Effectiveness

They never think twice before stealing your ideas and never let go any opportunity of belittling you at the first possible opportunity. They deliberately refrain from giving you the feedback. Rather hold it for as long as possible to halt your personal and professional effectiveness.

Final Thoughts

They do not let go any opportunity to reprimand and criticize you in public. They love to micromanage only you and no one else. Despite being well aware of your worth they entrust you only with mundane and prosaic tasks, take it as a red flag, the boss is viewing you as a potential rival  switch over at the first possible opportunity.


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