How to Land Your Dream Job in Every Field?

In your opinion– is it quite easy or extremely difficult to land your dream job in any field, the best way to be able to answer this question is to talk to highly successful professionals from various fields and distil their responses to arrive at a conclusion.

Career Road-map
When seasoned career profRoad to Successessionals share the story behind their first jobs they willingly part with the greatest learning, the experiences gleaned and the take home lessons, all the tips, tricks and survival strategies act as your trusted career road-map.
Start Small
Start SmallWithout an iota of doubt, all of us start small, all we need is a bit of grit and confidence thrown in good measure, only then would it be possible for you to make things turn out out the way you want them to unfold.
Final Thoughts
The best bit of advice is to intern, intern and further intern, this way you would be able to freely explore a field at the entry level and would be able to make up your mind whether to go in for the long haul or look for greener pastures elsewhere, be it publishing, hospitality, advertising , law among a host of other career options.

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