What are the best ways to get professors help you line up a job?

You are planning to seek your professors’ help in making a smooth transition to the working world and that is indeed the best thing to do at the moment. However, be forewarned university recruiting has been particularly dull and ineffective all this while.

Post Free Jobs

Present Day Reality

The prime reason is all the activities are orchestrated by the university career centers and they mostly center around career events. This outdated approach is highly out of sync with the present day reality of how students conduct themselves, the way they study, spend time and incorporate play into their lives.
Diverse Opportunities
 Economic OpportunityEarlier the best students would line up to woo potential employers with an eye on few job choices, for today’s students the situation has changed dramatically with umpteen and diverse opportunities presenting themselves every now and then.

Competitive advantage

 CompetitiveThese days building a competitive advantage requires adopting an altogether different approach. It pays you quite well to build long term associations with the university faculty as they are the ones who have the best relationships with the brightest students.

Final Thoughts

The students, in turn, integrate themselves so well that they eventually become part of the academic team. Well, it does take sophisticated planning and a significant amount of time to build lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.


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