Why Government Sector Is the Best Bet for Talented Freshers?

You are a go – getter, freshly out of the campus raring to take on the world and carve out a place for yourself under the sun. The present scenario is heavily skewed towards the private recruiters, who leave no stones unturned in their bid to attract the best possible talent.

Post Free Jobs

All That Glitter

Post Free JobsHaving said that one must bear in mind the fact, all that glitters is not gold, selling rosy dreams is one thing, buying them is an altogether different thing. Private sector at the moment happens to be one of the biggest employers, however, not everybody is as enthusiastic about private sector jobs.

The Gripe

The reasons are many, the corporate sector is rife with anecdotes and instances where freshers are lured in, but come out scorched and bruised only to narrate tales of woes. The prime gripe being outlandish working hours, where one is required to stretch not just on weekdays but weekends as well.

Job Security

Job SecurityThere are hardly any holidays for those working in the private sector, vacations are hard to avail owing to the demands of a competitive workplace. Job security is next to non-existent, long working hours are an ordeal and post-retirement benefits if any are far from satisfactory.

Final Thoughts

For multitude of freshers on the verge of building a career, the government sector offers a string of advantages, right from the convenience of working hours, a comfortable working zone, to high job security, coupled with holidays and vacations, convenient reporting hours, attractive retirement benefits tilt the balance heavily in favour of fresher jobs in India in the government sector, this is indeed great for work – life balance and a major draw for youngsters on the cusp of carving a career for themselves.


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