How Does Your Company Measure Your Potential?

It is a given that you need to excel in your current role, in fact be great at it, if you wish to move ahead on the corporate ladder. In the same vein, you got to show the potential to move forward as well. As far as achieving targets is concerned, it is by and large an easy game.

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Caught Off Guard

The difficult part or the challenge lies in demonstrating that potential to the managers. Oftentimes the employees or the candidates are kind of caught off guard with various assessments, hence the need to expose this segment to various tools in order to prepare them well so that they are easily able to qualify for assessments, be it for an internal promotion or even a new job.

Higher Level Performance

Job PerformanceWell, then what is this coveted thing that is referred to as potential. Experts have succinctly and very lucidly defined it not just as the skill that one must possess but the will in addition to the skill set that enables one to develop and perform at a much higher level in the future.

A Prerequisite

The best way one can understand potential, is to view it at as the capability of a given individual to be able to perform at a certain level and as such it is definitely a prerequisite for optimal performance. It certainly sets the tone and tenor as far as the upper limit is concerned with regards to achievable level of performance.

Final Thoughts

In order to gauze the desired degree of potential and be efficiently able to find the right people with optimal potential, the best-fit candidate must possess, the entire exercise is effected by carrying a potential analysis while discharging one’s duties in hr jobs in India.


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