Take a Look at These Must Asked Interview Questions

Interview is the most crucial stage in the entire recruitment process. It goes without saying as and when you appear before a recruiter or an employer for a face to face interview, you must come across as completely prepared as anything less than that would be a complete waste of your time and energy on bpo jobs in India.

Key to Success

Odds of SuccessCareful preparation includes answers to even the tricky questions, that are thrown your way. Let us check some of the most asked questions, so that you are better equipped to handle the pointed queries and come out with flying colours.

Key to Success

The first one is a very generic question, tell us a little bit about yourself? well the best way to answer this question is to present biographical information, followed by demonstrated ability for taking up the position by displaying confidence, which is the key to success in any interview situation.

Impeccable Integrity

The candidate puts forth relevant experience, expertise and qualifications, backed with solid commitment, quantifiable hard work and impeccable integrity. Relevant facts need to be presented in a lucid, precise and clear manner. The expression of thoughts has to come across in a sure and certain manner, without any trace of mumbling and fumbling.

No Stock Answers

Right AnswersThe next question could very well be, what attracts you to this work position? well think before you answer this question, if they come across some stock answers, with some commonplace phrases, like I am really attracted to the promising growth prospects, varied as well as interesting work, and a solid employment agencies in Delhi with a fabulous work culture, they are bound to get upset.

Bring in the Best Return

Instead bring in some serious as well as specific reasons like communicating your desire of using your skills and experience, that would bring in the best return, plus the ability to gel and work well with the team for higher productivity.

Concrete Facts

Interview QuestionAnother question can very well be, what are your strengths? Here the candidate needs to first emphasize on all of those qualities that are most pertinent for the job in question. Just making a fleeting mention is not going to be sufficient, compelling evidence has to be provided based on concrete facts.

Clarify and Quantify

Don’t just go about mentioning that you are a sociable and neat executive, you have got to clarify as well as quantify, your strengths, be it sociability, diligence or punctuality, how you listen to consumers and redress their grievances.

Self Declared Flaws

The following question could very well be, what are your weaknesses, well any intelligent candidate would hardly come up with a litany of sins and repentance, or a long list of self declared flaws. So how does one go about answering this question.

Final Words

The response should be such that it furthers the interviewee’s cause and enhances his or her chances of getting hired. It could be something on these lines, for a whole lot of people I come across as a workaholic, I have no idea, how to relax, I feel good only when I work. At the same time I am too demanding of myself as well as others. If you are asked, you do not have any perceived disadvantages, the candidate has to invent one at the spur of the moment, some quick thinking is required.


Irrefutable Signs You’re Ready to Hire a New Team Member

Irrespective of the fact that you happen to be a thriving company with grand international ambitions or just another small enterprise that has only recently hit a growth spurt, recruitment does play an integral role in any successful employment agencies business.

Matter of Timing

Little Windows of TimeFresh minds provide a fillip to the otherwise staid office atmosphere, rejuvenating the office culture, refuelling the idea tank and bringing around a whole new degree of momentum. All said and done it is a matter of timing. If getting new people on board is what your business needs at the moment, it would require some serious thought. Be it a dearth of new ideas, to infuse a fresh lease of life, or a pressing need for more manpower, these could be various reasons and valid starting points to commence the hiring process. These reasons could make all the difference between risking your revenue while scaling tactically that forebodes healthy growth.

Fresh Lease of Life

The current work load could be be weighing heavily upon you, or the non vital duties are taking a hell lot of your precious time. You may have recently come across a situation where your present skill level suddenly seems to be woefully inadequate. The exciting happenings at the workplace have gone stale and a fresh lease of life needs to be infused, this seems to be the best time to do so. Financially you find the company to be in a stable and secure position and the present scenario leaves you with ample space as well as the resources to grow.

New Opportunities Are Showing Up

VisualizationAdd to this new opportunities are showing up. In the event you are experiencing any of these signs, it is about time you commence the recruitment process. As a matter of fact hiring a new team member is the all important rung on the ladder towards still bigger and still better things, that can happen to your business over a period of time. Just ensure you put the right foot forward.

Innovation Propels Your Business

Business that are reasonably intelligent, always happen to be on the lookout for still newer ways to fulfill their avowed purpose and unflinching promise. Irrespective of the bpo jobs in India industry you happen to be in, it is only innovation that propels your business into the stratosphere. It pays to always be observing burgeoning techniques, and still newer and fresher approaches to work. Businesses ought to regularly review their engagement and proactive interaction with the marketplace for the plain and simple reasons that they would surely afford you those light bulb moments, where a means of profit can be discovered, that has not been seized and taken advantage of yet.

Final Words

Digital facing roles offer a classic example, a plethora of industries have changed forever, due to the important role that internet plays in the way the entire planet goes about exchanging media as well as all sorts of information. Netflix and blockbuster were in the movie rental business, and the former hit the ground running with internet, needless to say it rules the roost, in a nutshell timely intervention in response to changing business environment, be it getting more capable people on board, or incorporating necessary operational changes ensures successful business continuity.

Leadership Lessons From Remarkable Bosses For Job Success

The working world has its fair share of bosses and you must have come across a number of them, shared both productive as well as not so productive relationships. At times it happens that you pause to ponder and reflect on the kind of relationships you shared with them. When you are just starting your career you tend to put too much of onus on your bosses to make the relationships work. You play the role of a recipient rather than go employment agencies and co own the relationship, but once you do that you actually take charge of your career.

Decisive Working Relationships

It takes serious study to be able to discern the good and the bad and then pick up positive lessons from the person or the situation and apply the same for your career advancement. Oftentimes a major chunk of our attention is focused on the various ways and means we can employ to be able to lead others. While doing so we need to think of our relationship with our immediate bosses as well as key people in the organization.

Friends for Life

Come to think of it your relationship with your boss is surely one of the most impactful and decisive working relationships that you will ever have. This major relationship determines to a very large extent the kind of information, mentoring and other resources, that you gain access to at the workplace, in short the kind of exposure that would be made available to you. Now there are bosses and then there are bosses, some of them come across as amazing people and end up being mentors and friends for life.

Mutual Admiration

Others may not match up to this kind of a warm and productive relationship with job search engines. No matter who the boss happens to be it would be in the best of your interest to make your professional relationship work, a strong mutually beneficial relationship is based on values and is bound to prove valuable on various fronts whereas a strained relationship often becomes difficult to navigate.

Avoidable Traits

You would come across people displaying the best and the worst traits. Some leaders tend to micromanage compulsively, are poor communicators and are not so competent such persons at the helm of affairs are quite competent in driving you nuts; you end up hating your job big time. The take away lesson from these bosses is, you have to avoid their style of functioning at all given costs.


On the other hand just visualize a boss who possess requisite knowledge and is properly able to motivate the staff and thereby able to lead a satisfied as well as productive team. Good bosses make it a point to stick around times when everybody is facing a crunch and the team whole heartedly supports them as well. They let others lead and make it a point to keep people in the loop, go ahead and pick up the positives and emerge successful in your transition as a leader.

Why Soft Skills Are More Important for Job Change?

At one point in time not so long ago good grades along with a relevant degree from a reputed university was all a fresh graduate required to land a decent job. Times have changed and online job search sites have also changed with the tides have shifted significantly. The focus has moved on to more abstract qualifications, great attitude and a strong work ethic-coupled with an innovative mindset, beyond the educational background and practical trade skills that were the only things much sought after earlier.

Work Ethics

These days prestigious schooling comes after work ethics and professional managers pay more premium for personal as well as cultural alignment, over and above technical skill sets. A well placed talent search attaches more value to creativity, flexibility, value based decision making, and the drive, to perform really high quality work. It is interesting to note that coming years would witness a shift in competencies required out of employees particularly in leadership, mentorship and management roles.

Critical Soft Skills

Again one must appreciate the fact that hard skills required for an organization’s success happen to be ever-changing, whereas the most critical soft skills tend to remain constant. Today’s employees require a conducive environment to thrive for meeting the demands of the work place and in order to do so they connect with each other in ways that are markedly different from earlier workers who got jobs from employment agencies.

Ideal Work Atmosphere

The ideal work atmosphere may comprise of cross generational personnel with different work approaches, communication styles bringing in the much needed diversity in work climate, this will help coalesce critical work skills, individual way of solving vexing problem, different communication styles, and proclivity to work in a virtual environment all in a strong high impact team.

Grain of Truth

There may be a grain of truth in the fact that certain traits and attributes are inborn and it would be difficult to transfer them if they are not naturally present in the first place. Well it not impossible though as training and development form an integral part of the strategy to equip the workforce with much needed soft skills in addition to their technical and trade skills.

Immense Benefits

One should not overlook hard skills altogether and devise a well-rounded strategy to combine it effortlessly with soft skills preferably outside of the employees job description, as this is bound to bring in immense benefits to the organization perse. This is going to build a great team as players with different skill sets complement each other, employees thus feel valued and empowered to pursue their efforts towards realizing their career development goals.


The best opportunities arise at work itself where they feel safe to fail thus overcoming initial inhibitions and resistance, for example, when it comes to public speaking. Employees must be encouraged to share instances of small victories and shortcomings that come out of these exercises. Another way is to lead by example and show them how to do it initially so that employees can emulate it and become successful.

How to Set and Achieve Your Job Goals?

As far as your career progression is concerned an integral part is goal setting, be it short term or long term. It is akin to chalking out the entire list of milestones waiting to be accomplished in the upcoming weeks, months and over the course of a calendar year. The process of setting goals goes a long way in organizing and shaping your career thoughts, at the same time it lends focus and credence to your work and aligns it to the direction you want to steer your career in the future.

Track Your Progress

Now come to think it, is mere setting of goals enough on your part. Well some additional effort is required from your side in the form of actually tracking your progress as you inch closer to your goals by employment agencies in Delhi, otherwise the whole exercise would be rendered useless and would easily be forgotten.

Expand Your Skill Set

There are minor career goals and there are major career goals that you set for yourself, constantly monitoring them is the only guarantee for success. Perhaps you want to expand your leadership skills or grow your professional network; you are eagerly awaiting words of praise and encouragement from your colleagues and superiors. You may wish to learn more and help your team learn as well. In your quest to be an effective employee, you need to be well organized.

Develop Marketable Leadership Skills

If you started small and worked your way up you must be aware of the fact that upward mobility can take you so far and no further. At some point of time or the other you would have to take a conscious decision to seamlessly move into leadership and management positions. No matter what field you work in, start preparing to move into management role right from the very onset, acquire the necessary management experience. The best way to go about it is by taking advantage of every leadership opportunity that comes your way. Try and get a hr Jobs in India and develop personal brand and leadership skills whenever the circumstances permit.

Make Your Efforts Count

It pays to periodically take stock of the progress made so far. For proper and effective networking, you need to make your efforts count by joining professional groups and networks, while at the same time never undermine offline and non digital interactions with colleagues and other professionals with whom you are not acquainted and never had the opportunity to interact.


If you really wish to attain your goals, you ought to take the team along with you, for this people need to learn from each other. Be open to giving as well as receiving help, it helps to get out of your self-absorbed state, don’t be so wrapped up in your own work that you miss the opportunity to learn and grow and your colleagues are bereft of your expertise. Take advantage of the umpteen online resources to foster a culture of learning and advancement where everybody grows.

How to Further Your Personal Brand?

Do you want to stand out from the crowd; well we hear the answer to be a resounding yes.Creating and building a personal brand would help you to a large extent. Always remember your personal brand is the only thing that differentiates you from the crowd. The whole thing is going to be easy or challenging, depending on how you approach the entire brand building exercise.

Organize Your Thoughts

Creating your personal brand starts with organizing your thoughts and moving ahead to create a personal brand vision. The way you want others to perceive you, and the manner in which you wish to lead your personal and professional life depends on a large extent to the path you chalk out. Be very careful to inject wholesome personality into your personal brand vision otherwise you would only be able to put across a bland personal front.

Earning Potential

By now you must be really wondering as to the tangible benefits that accrue by undertaking this brand building exercise for none else than your personal self. For one you could find a better career, it could be a better job in Hyderabad or a job in Pune, whereby you could enhance your earning potential, resulting in a happy outlook while you go about your work every day, mind you it is not a small change and it would not be possible without the image makeover. The previous brand state yielded only so much by way of the by now staid workplace with diminishing returns in term of motivation and monetary rewards.

Financial Incentives

Come to think of it, better personal branding, would enable you to get more and more clients for your organization and more financial incentives for you as a result. An added offshoot is that you are able to grow your professional network, so that more professional opportunities open up for you. Along with real life interaction never undermine the clout and reach of online communities with regards to making available an increased number of professional opportunities.

Push the Envelope

Think of it as a way of laying the foundation for future success by making small incremental changes on a consistent basis. Your brand vision perhaps could be, being the best in your field, where you are consistently pushing the envelope not just for yourself but the clients and other employees as well. You may aspire to use your advanced communications towards making the world a better place then you came across.


Be warned however that the foundation of personal branding rests on bedrock of authenticity. To be able to shape up your personal brand in a reasonable fashion you need to be able to tap into the wellspring of your genuine, humane and humble, individual qualities from where your true personality, identity and character find expression and take you on the path of further success.

Turn Your Motley Band of Connections into a Useful Network

Sound Advice

Best job search sites say, mere acquaintances do not make a network and would not go a long way in furthering your career. You need to think beyond them if you wish to network professionally and move along successfully in your chosen field. The fact remains one day or the other you are going to need a robust network to fall back upon, when you happen to be looking for a job due to sudden job loss, or when you are switching jobs for that matter. By all means go ahead and create a rock solid network. With some sound advice you would easily be able to accomplish your objectives, without fretting over spending lots and lots of time over coffee dates and having to attend umpteen networking events.

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Open the Doors

Job search engines suggest some possible and plausible ways to go about it. At present you are engaged full time in a best health job and as you happen to work with colleagues, it is quite probable that you would include them in your mental network automatically. Spending time with them is a given, however to include them in your network, they need to be a meaningful connection, and prove to be of potential value long after you have left the current workplace. The basic idea is to get to know your coworkers as well as you can, the premise is simple, once you open the doors to the next person, you invariably open the doors to the persons known to him or her.

The 80-20 Rule

When you are seeking reasonable solutions to how to find a job, where to find a job,help me find a job and are trying to strengthen your network at a reasonable pace, it helps to get personal with the people you know, like congratulating them on a recent promotion. Ensure all your connections feel valued. Employ the 80-20 rule effectively, whenever engaging with an old friend or a new connection, primarily it is allowing 80 percent of the time to the other person, while keeping 20 percent for you, this limits self promotion to a bare minimum, while the other person gets the attention he or she deserves. Be prepared and excited about burning some non productive professional bridges and deliberately drift apart from some people so that you can make room for others, who prove to be awesome for you as well as your network too.