Things You Only Understand If You Have Worked in Hotel Jobs

You are at the crossroads of your career, and are enamored by glitzy work atmosphere of hotels, they appear to be inviting and enticing with a gamut of offerings. No wonder people world over pay a premium to enjoy the unmatched offerings, and you want to sample them first hand, so far so good.

Perceived Reality

Hotel Jobs in IndiaFirst things first, it is time to dispel the myths and misgivings surrounding the Hospitality industry. The environment may appear to be alluring when you take a cursory glance at the set up, however, when you probe a bit deeper, you would be amazed to find that there is indeed a big disconnect between perceived reality and what you encounter in person.

The Surprises

In order to minimize the surprises that might be surreptitiously sprung at you, you need to have a peek a boo at the functionings of the hospitality setup. You may encounter a travelling sports entourage, comprising of parents making a weird request, for a spare banquet room or meeting space in order to enable their children to have their share of fun and frolic, a perfectly legitimate request, may try and fulfill it as well, but with a pinch of salt, the rider is to let them know beforehand that any breakages, or disturbances have to be borne by the parents, if they run amok in the public area rather than the kids area or kids pool and any damages have to be made good.

Tact and Discretion

Editor JobsSome of the guests are in the habit of bragging about their stay and go to the extent of saying, they stay at the property all the time, well, you would always stand in good stead, if you take things with a pinch of salt, as hoteliering is all about displaying tact and discretion, in the face of mounting pressure, perceived or real. Pulling down the bluff should be an easy thing for a seasoned professional, all you need to do is to check, the stay history, a bona fide guest would not need to bluff at all in the first place to claim benefits, it would be automatically accorded.

The Airport Shuttle

Then you would come across some weird requests, which one can safely presume is not the case with other industries. People may oftentimes request to make use of the airport shuttle to drop them at the bar, while working hotel jobs in India you would come across such outlandish requests, entertain it if it is for the airport bar and politely decline citing hotel policies, may suggest a viable alternative like taking taxis to and fro fro the bar as the group might very well be under the influence of alcohol.


ProgressAnd then you would come across people making fervent request for accommodation, even when they are completely aware that the hotel is sold out, overbooked, there is a layover, the hotel is catering to at the moment, and there you have couple of guests throwing their weight around by asking for special concession in the name of being a rewards member. Explain the situation in a cool and composed manner and tell them politely, how would they feel when told to vacate a room for preferred guests.

Final Thoughts

So you have witnessed thus far, unlike any other industry, it offers dream perks and requires you to display tact and discretion to taste success and rise higher up in the hierarchy, this is just a primer, a slice of what goes on in hotels, to prime you for hotel jobs in India, so that you don’t regret your decision of investing in expensive and time consuming hotel management education and regret the choice you made anticipating a rosy working environment, be informed it is anything but that, a judicious mix of practical and theory is strongly advocated, with an ability to put in real hard work, the resultant perks like visiting foreign locales and working anywhere is simply unmatched, to say the least.


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